Donor Spotlight - Devi Kinkhabwala

"Living with a family of doctors, I've seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare workers. So many of my friends and colleagues are at home like I am and looking for a way to give back but are unsure how. I knew this virtual run would be the perfect way to get people outdoors and raise money for an important cause: supporting those on the frontlines who help our community every single day." - Devi Kinkhabwala

On April 11, 2020, Devi Kinkhabwala and friends joined the race against COVID-19 through a virtual 10K in an uplifting effort to "help the helpers" at Montefiore and Einstein. Miles for Montefiorea peer-to-peer fundraising initiative Devi launched in support of frontline workers like her father and stepmother (both doctors at Montefiore) and brother (a student at Einstein volunteering with COVID-19 patients)motivated over $11,000 in private donations.

With the help of the Strava app, social media, and a desire to make a difference, more than 30 Miles for Montefiore runners came together—while apart—in a moving and impactful way. Participants shared videos online that all resonated messages of encouragement, pride, and hope for those fighting on the frontlines. "Thank you, Montefiore. We will keep running and you keep saving lives!" cheered one participant as she began her final mile.

Funds that Miles for Montefiore participants raised directly benefit urgent clinical and research needs across Montefiore an Einstein. Learn how you can launch your own fundraising campaign here.

It is generous partners like Devi who are helping to change the course of COVID-19. Will you join us?