Diabetes Awareness Month

American Diabetes Month at Montefiore-Einstein: It’s time to reconnect, refocus and renew...you.

November is American Diabetes Month and Montefiore-Einstein proudly joins the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness of this chronic disease, and support prevention and better disease management with yourself, friends and family. Please take a moment to look at our events calendar, tips and resources and RECONNECT with the effort to increase diabetes awareness in your community.


Know the facts about diabetes

More than 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes and the CDC now warns us that the percentage may quickly grow higher. Find out how your community may be affected and what you can do about it.

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How to prevent and manage diabetes

Now’s a great time to make a solid plan to REFOCUS on diabetes prevention and management. The first important step is to get reliable information that can help you change your outlook and overall health in the months ahead.

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Photo taken from one of Montefiore’s diabetes classes

Montefiore-Einstein is nationally ranked for its diabetes management program

Montefiore-Einstein ranks as one of the best hospitals in the nation in 2021-2022 for Diabetes & Endocrinology by US News and World Report.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced endocrinologists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and nutritionists provide diabetes management to 4,000 individuals annually in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Montefiore-Einstein’s unique diabetes self-management program, the Proactive Managed Information System for Education in Diabetes (PROMISED©) was twice nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association for exemplary performance and consistently meeting national standards.


Helping young adults better deal with their diabetes

Emerging adults between 18 and 25 with diabetes face numerous challenges with their disease as they transition into adulthood. A unique program at Montefiore helps them better deal with the changes in their diabetes care.

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Enter the 2021 Comfort Eating Coloring Contest!

Let’s destigmatize emotional eating with this positive and uplifting self-care experience.

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Join the conversation to learn more about diabetes prevention and management

We can help you join the discussion on steps you can take to minimize the role diabetes plays in your life during American Diabetes Month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Simply use the hashtag #ReconnectRefocusRenew to search for additional information from Montefiore-Einstein or to share your questions and comments.

Talking about diabetes—how to prevent it and how to manage it if you have it—is the best way to increase awareness in your community.