Visitor Policy

At Montefiore, we understand that visitors and family members play an important role in a patient’s healing journey. During the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), to keep Montefiore patients, visitors, employees and community members safe, we have modified our visitor policies for all of our locations. [insert updates to this policy here].

*IMPORTANT: We ask that you call your doctor or the hospital first before visiting any locations to discuss any symptoms or questions. If you do not have an appointment, please do not walk in to any of our practices at this time. [Language taken from Cornell’s email, modified slightly]

Visitors and Caregivers

The Following restrictions apply to all of the care settings below:

  • Visitors must be 12+ years old.
  • Before entering patient areas, visitors will be screened for symptoms relating to fever and breathing, as well as potential interactions with confirmed COVID-19 cases, and any international travel in which the visitor returned within the last 14 days. For the safety of hospitalized patients, any individual who screens positive will be asked to leave.
  • Patients who are being tested for COVID-19 or who have already tested positive may not receive visitors.
  • If you have questions about visitation involving your loved one, please contact a member of the patient’s care team.

Locations and Departments

Inpatient Locations

  • In our ICUs, recovery rooms (including ambulatory sites), behavioral health sites and all other adult units, visitation will be restricted to one visitor per patient at a time.
  • In the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) and in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), visitation will be permitted for two individuals at a time, and is restricted to parents, guardians or support persons.
  • Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby patients may have two visitors at a time.

Emergency Departments (ED)

  • In our adult Emergency Department, we will be restricting visitation to one individual at a time.
  • Only two visitors per pediatric patient will be allowed at a time in the pediatric Emergency Department, and are limited to the patient’s parent or caregiver. Accommodations will be made for siblings accompanying their parents. ED providers may allow more visitors at their discretion.

Outpatient Locations and Physician Practices

  • Patients seeking care at any of our ambulatory practices may be accompanied by one person, unless an aide or assistant is required, in which case two individuals may accompany the patient.

Service Updates

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  • Clinical Services
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  • Pharmaceutical
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  • Medical Transportation
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