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Montefiore in the News

February 1, 2013

All Qualified RNs and 1199 Members Invited to Join the Montefiore System

New York City (February 1, 2013) -- Montefiore Medical Center said it anticipates a seamless opening of health care services when it acquires the New York Westchester Square Medical Center facility.  Montefiore’s bid to purchase the assets of the medical facility was approved by the Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York on January 24, and the transaction is expected to close in late March.

Montefiore is pleased to be able to intercede to ensure that critical health care services remain in the neighborhood.  Montefiore will open Montefiore Westchester Square at the location and plans to operate a full-service emergency department staffed around the clock by emergency room physicians and staff.  Montefiore also will operate an ambulatory surgery center and will build up primary and specialty care services over time, with exceptional after-hours access. Montefiore received $20 million in state grants and will use these funds to purchase the assets and invest in the facility.

Although Montefiore Westchester Square will no longer operate as an in-patient facility, other Montefiore campuses are in close proximity.  Patients who require more extensive acute care will be treated by emergency room physicians until they are stable enough to be transferred.

It is Montefiore’s intention to offer employment to all qualified nurses and members of 1199, the service employees’ union.  We will work within our system to create positions consistent with our clinical demands. Montefiore welcomes the voluntary physician community and notes that approximately half of Westchester Square’s physicians currently have privileges at Montefiore; others will be granted expedited privileges.

All patients will benefit from seamless care provided by Montefiore’s wide range of leading services, including primary care, advanced specialty and surgical care, rehabilitation and home care. The opening of Montefiore Westchester Square will ensure access to vital health services for the community, convenience for patients and families, maintenance of jobs and support for local small businesses in the area.