Adult and Pediatric Services at Montefiore Hutchinson Campus

Transformative Healthcare Delivery 

Our state-of-the-art, patient-centered facility offers ambulatory surgery and subspecialty care in one convenient location. The adult and pediatric medical services available at our Montefiore Hutchinson Campus include:  

Medical Specialties at Montefiore Hutchinson Campus (Adult)

Allergy 866-633-8255
Ambulatory Surgery 929-263-3302
Cardiac Imaging  718-920-4262
Cardiology  646-670-5120
Cardiothoracic Surgery, Adult 718-920-2100
Clinical Laboratory 718-920-4695
Dermatology 866-633-8255
Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) 718-920-4646
Endocrinology/Diabetes 866-633-8255
Gastroenterology & Nutrition 866-633-8255
General Surgery 718-920-4800
Infectious Diseases 866-633-8255
Internal Medicine 866-633-8255
Headache Treatment Program  718-405-8360 
Multidisciplinary Pain Program 718-920-7246
Nephrology  866-633-8255
Plastic Surgery  718-920-4800
Pulmonary 866-633-8255
Ophthalmology 718-920-2020
Radiology 866-662-9729
Rheumatology  866-633-8255
Urology 718-920-4531
Wound Care and Vein Care 718-792-8115

For Pediatric and Adolescent services call 718-741-2450

Pediatric specialties include:

Adolescent Wellness and Gynecology
Behavioral Pediatrics
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Hematology/Childhood Blood Disorders
Infectious Disease/Travel Medicine
Neonatology/Development Follow-Up Clinic
Nephrology/Kidney Disorders

Pain Management
Pediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
POWER Clinic (Physical Optimization with Effective Rehabilitation)
RELATE (Rehabilitation, Evaluation and Learning for Autistic Toddlers Through Teens at Einstein)