Breast Procedures

When life, time, motherhood and gravity take their toll, Montefiore Aesthetics has a solution to meet your needs. Most breast procedures take less than two hours and you’ll be ready to go home shortly afterwards to recover in the comfort of your home.

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Below are a few of the breast procedures that our board certified plastic surgeons perform.


Breast augmentation or silicone implants are used to increase the fullness and projection of the breasts. Our surgeons offer a range of implants, including the newest available. Call us to learn about and discuss your options.


Why exchange implants? Some implants must be replaced over time, especially if their integrity is compromised or a complication called capsular contracture develops. Some women opt to change the size and/or type of their implants or have to do so to address changes caused by weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and the like.


A breast lift (also referred to as a mastopexy) can help women regain a more youthful shape by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to support a new breast contour. Implants may also be added to increase breast size and improve shape.