Support RHEDI/Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine

RHEDI was established in 2004 and is housed within the Department of Family & Social Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York.

We envision a world where every person can receive patient-centered, compassionate, safe, and accessible reproductive health care without any barriers.  We believe that abortion care is primary care, and are working to strengthen and expand abortion and contraception training in family medicine residency education across the country using a reproductive-justice framework.   

Your generous donation will support the training of family physicians to provide patient-centered, compassionate reproductive health care, and will help improve access to comprehensive reproductive health care in diverse settings.  For more information, email

You have the power to shape RHEDI’s future today. We invite you to promote abortion care in family medicine by becoming a RHEDI supporter. You may select a specific program to support or direct your donation where the need is greatest. However you choose to donate, we will put your gift to work immediately by expanding reproductive health care training in family medicine residency programs.

  • Resident Scholars Program for Workforce Diversity: This year-long experience for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) family medicine residents aims to enhance their development as leaders in sexual and reproductive health by pairing them with BIPOC mentors, sponsoring their participation in professional conferences, and engaging them in a series of workshops. Your support allows additional scholars to participate in this enriching program!
  • Establish new RHEDI Programs: RHEDI family medicine residency programs provide integrated, high-quality, patient-centered abortion and contraception training using a reproductive-justice framework. RHEDI’s technical assistance supports over 30 family medicine residency programs. Your donations allow us to add new programs, which are critical in shoring up the abortion provider workforce.
  • Support the Access List!: The Access List is a private discussion group for family medicine clinicians, trainers, and learners who provide abortion and sexual and reproductive health care (SRH) or are involved in abortion / SRH training. The Access List allows members to share resources and advice on clinical problems that occur in their practices, and encourage advocacy around abortion and family medicine’s role in improving access to care. Your donation will allow RHEDI to sustain this critical listserv.