Departmental Highlights

Musculoskeletal radiologists at Montefiore published a landmark study on the MRI features of pediatric ischiofemoral impingement. The study, led by Shlomit Goldberg-Stein, MD, correlated findings of quadratus femoris muscle edema with narrowing of both the ischiofemoral and quadratus femoris spaces in children, and identified optimal MRI threshold cutoff values in both preteens and teenagers for this entity.

The study of 49 affected pediatric hips demonstrated that children with quadratus femoris muscle edema on MRI have narrowed anatomic spaces when compared with age and gender matched controls. The largest study of its kind, this research was conducted in collaboration with Eric Fornari, MD and Jacob Schulz, MD of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

Members of the Montefiore Radiology Department recently published a study which concluded that lung cancer screening using the Lung CT Screening Reporting and Data System ™ (Lung-RADS™) reduced the false-positive rate in comparison to the National Lung Screening Trial in a diverse and urban population.

The study, led by Linda Haramati, MD, MS analyzed data from over 1,181 patients with 2,270 person-years of follow-up from December 2012 to December 2016. Montefiore-Einstein medical student, resident and staff physician researchers comprised the study team, including Anna Shmukler, MD and Jeffrey Levsky, MD, PhD.