Neurosurgery Junior Training (PGY-2/PGY-3)

To qualify for neurosurgery junior training, residents must have successfully completed and gained credit in the neurosurgery internship in accordance with neurosurgery RCC guidelines by demonstrating competency in all the general medical and surgical principles of patient care. They must also possess medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills while exuding professionalism throughout each stage of the training program. Residents must also demonstrate knowledge of patient rights, including HIPAA and the appropriate use of restraints and seclusion.

In the PGY-2 and PGY-3 years, residents are integrated into a two-year junior training rotation. The two-year junior residency is divided into three blocks of eight-month rotations in pediatrics, cranial and spine services, respectively.

The junior residents are paired with seniors during each rotation and assume increasingly more direct responsibility in patient evaluation, management and surgery.