Paul Koors, MD, Aortic Clinic

A devoted husband, son, father, musician, doctor, and friend, Dr. Paul Koors touched countless lives throughout his too short yet inspiring life. To continue that impact and deepen his legacy, please consider contributing to launch the Paul Koors, MD, Aortic Clinic within Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM).

The Paul Koors Memorial Foundation has partnered with CHAM in the Bronx, New York, to open an Aortic Clinic in Paul’s name. Montefiore holds special meaning to the Koors family. It’s the place that first nurtured Paul’s interest in medicine and the hospital where his mother, Dr. Patricia McQuade-Koors, has committed her 50-year-long career as a pediatrician.

Driven by Drs. Nicole Sutton and Bradley Clark, esteemed leaders in pediatric cardiology, the Aortic Clinic will be a valuable resource to diagnose and treat a variety of aortic complications like Marfan syndrome and the condition that took Paul’s life. Our hope is that this Clinic will be a saving grace for patients and families so that we can prevent tragedies like Paul’s.

You can do your part in honoring Paul by making a donation via the below form. In Paul’s song "When I’m Long and Gone," he wrote, "The measure of a man is the love that’s in his hands." Thank you in advance for showing your love for Paul—and for all who will benefit from your kindness.

Image courtesy of the Paul Koors Memorial Foundation.