Stem Cell Transplant
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Stem cell transplant offers innovative, sophisticated and often lifesaving treatment options for patients diagnosed with a range of cancers that affect blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes—including leukemia, multiple myeloma and both Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Stem cell transplant can be vital to the treatment of the various conditions, situations and diseases that can compromise, damage or destroy stem cells, including:    

  • Aggressive high-dose chemotherapy and radiation administered to combat these malignancies
  • Infections
  • Other blood or immunodeficiency disorders

The procedure can also help a body fight back by producing new, healthy platelets and white and red blood cells. In addition, fresh donor cells are sometimes able to kill certain forms of cancer.

Our clinical expertise extends to all corners and phases of stem cell transplantation. In addition to screening and diagnosis, we provide in pre-transplant preparation, education, and counseling, as well as meticulous inpatient and post-discharge monitoring and care.

Meeting Patients' Needs with Compassionate Care at Every Turn

Stem cell transplant has provided immeasurable benefits to patients who have either been cured, or whose quality of life and prognosis have greatly improved because of the treatment.  Nonetheless, at Montefiore, we are sensitive to the fact that this can be a long and at times challenging process.

As always, we help and guide our patients every step of the way to keep the focus on safe, comprehensive, compassionate and extremely personalized care.  Our integrated team of oncologists and other physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, occupational and physical therapists, laboratory and research personnel, as well as a financial coordinator are there to help.

We invite you to learn more about stem cell transplant or contact us for additional information.