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Robert H. Pass, MD

Practice Specialty
Pediatrics - Cardiology (Heart)
Medical Education
Boston University School of Medicine
New York Hospital- Cornell Medical Center
Children's Hospital of Boston
Main Location
The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore
3415 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467-2403
Phone: (718) 741-2183
Fax: (718) 654-3024
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Pediatric Specialty Practice of the GHV, PLLC
212 Crystal Run Road
Middletown, NY 10941
Phone: (845) 703-7000
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Academic Title
Professor of Pediatrics
Administrative Title
Associate Division Chief, Pediatric Cardiology
Director of Pediatric Catheterization Laboratory and Director of Pediatric Electrophysiology
Clinical Focus
Dr. Pass' research and clinical focus remain firmly in the areas of pediatric electrophysiology and interventional cardiology. He has written over 75 original manuscripts on these topics.

Robert Pass, MD—the New York tri-state area's most experienced pediatric electrophysiologist (EP)—uses sophisticated cardiac ablation techniques to treat arrhythmia in children. He has performed over 1500 electrophysiology studies and well over 1000 arrhythmia ablation procedures in children.

Prior to his recruitment to CHAM in 2008, Dr. Pass was the Director of Pediatric Electrophysiology at the Children's Hospital of New York Presbyterian   and an Attending in the Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory  . 

Dr. Pass is an expert in non-surgical catheter-based repair of heart defects and the hybrid procedure who is also a highly skilled interventional cardiologist has performed over 4000 cardiac catheterization procedures in children. Hundreds of children with congenital heart disease have been spared unnecessary surgery, including open heart procedures thanks to Dr. Pass' interventions.

He has performed more than 500 delicate catheter-based procedures placing devices to close holes in children's hearts and correct cardiac blood flow. Dr. Pass has helped pioneer EP therapy for the treatment of children's arrhythmias. He has treated more than 1000 children using radiofrequency ablation-  focused electromagnetic waves that precisely target and "zap" disruptive cardiac cells and leave healthy heart muscle untouched -including babies as young as six weeks old and weighing less than seven pounds.

Dr. Pass was the first pediatric EP in the region to treat arrhythmias in children with cryoablation - a technology that targets and "freezes away" diseased tissue. He has also pioneered means of performing catheter ablations with minimal radiation with the average patient at Montefiore receiving the equivalent of less than five to seven - chest x-rays worth of radiation/case compared to national averages where patients receive roughly 40-50x this radiation dose. Dr. Pass also provides care for children with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators.

Dr. Pass and his staff focus on helping families feel part of the treatment process. "We are very, very attached to our patients," says Dr. Pass. "We try to make ourselves available to our patients "24/7365" in order to provide comprehensive care. We try to be their true partners in care – it is really the only way to practice medicine and achieve the very best outcomes for our children."