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Meet the Foot and Ankle Surgery Physicians
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Bones, Muscles & Joints (Orthopaedics)

Meet the Foot and Ankle Surgery Physicians

Team Leaders

Kulsakdinun, Chaiyaporn, MD

Kulsakdinun, Chaiyaporn, MD Foot and Ankle, Orthopaedic Surgery
Title Section Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery
Medical Education Yale University School of Medicine

Walter, Eric G., DPM

Walter, Eric G., DPM Podiatric Surgery, Podiatry
Title Director, Podiatric Medicine, Montefiore

Team Members

Bayerbach, Frank, DPM

Bayerbach, Frank, DPM Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery

Elsinger, Elisabeth C., DPM

Elsinger, Elisabeth C., DPM Podiatry, Podiatric Surgery
Title Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein

Lynn, Brian P., DPM

Lynn, Brian P., DPM Podiatric Surgery, Podiatry

Popowitz, Daniel B., DPM

Popowitz, Daniel B., DPM Podiatry (Orthopaedics), Podiatry
Title Attending Physician, OrthopaedicsSurgery Montefiore
Medical Education New York College of Podiatric Medicine