Urology Residency with Introduction to General Surgery

The Urology Residency Program at Montefiore works in close collaboration with our Albert Einstein College of Medicine to bring you a combined five-year Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education program.

Why Urology Residents Choose Montefiore

These benefits provide insight into why our residency in Urology – directed by Anthony J. Casale, MD, our Chief of Pediatric Urology – is such a sought-after opportunity for residents:

  • A well-established core curriculum, which is enhanced by the talent and insights of our physicians and researchers
  • Expert staff in the field of urology
  • Opportunity to work within a large network of hospitals while collaborating with other departments, as well as the Urology department
  • Opportunity for residents to shape their own experience
  • Research opportunities that residents can witness turn into clinical results

As a Urology resident, you’ll train with faculty members who are led by Mark P. Schoenberg, MD, University Professor and Chair, Urology. All of Dr. Schoenberg’s team members are skilled and experienced at working in the demanding field of Urology and are prepared to help you during your residency at Montefiore.

The Montefiore Urology Residency Experience

Working alongside with these physicians and researchers, residents will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training and extensive clinical experience. The culture of the Department allows residents to take on significant amounts of responsibility and hands-on experience. Residents can participate in the highest levels and the most complicated surgeries in the field of urology. The physicians and researchers at Montefiore are always open to new ideas for research, and do their best to help residents pursue their individual paths of inquiry.

Fourth-year medical students can apply to join our program through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®). Interviews are offered to applicants in the fall of the year prior to matriculation. Two applicants are admitted annually to the program. Admitted students start in our General Surgery Program, into which they are automatically enrolled after being accepted to our Urology Program. After a year of residency in the General Surgery Program, admitted students will then move to four years in our Urology Program.

Still have questions? Contact our Residency Program Administrator Connie Matos at 718-920-6246 or