Windows Phone

**Before beginning this process, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest operating system and that your device be fully charged**

Please note that depending on your specific OS, Model and Brand of Phone - the steps outlined below may vary.

  1. Open the browser and type the following URL in the address box
  2. Click Start at the bottom of the page to start the enrollment process of MaaS360 on your device
  3. MaaS360 displays the Settings>> workplace screen. Click add account
  4. Enter in your Montefiore Email address
  5. Reenter in your Montefiore Email address and the server name which is Monte
  6. Accept Policies
    1. Accept Terms - Check off I have read and accept terms and click OK
    2. Accept Usage Policy – Check off I have read and accept the terms and click Yes
  7. You will now be at the screen to install the application. Click Continue

  8. If all your information is correct you will see a screen saying Account Added. Click Done
  9. If you swipe left you will see that MaaS360 is being downloaded automatically

  10. You will be asked to allow MaaS360 to use Location Services. Click Enable
  11. Create Complex Password
    1. At least 8 alphanumeric characters
    2. One special character besides a letter or number
    3. At least one Capital letter and one number
  12. MaaS360 will be added to your main screen
  13. Users with more than one device may notice "Ghost" icons (see picture on the right) on the devices that have not yet downloaded the EMM application. If you encounter this, you can either download the application on that device or delete the icon as you would delete any other application on your device.