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Montefiore in the News

March 18, 2015

Honorees Recognized at 22nd Annual Hospital Auxilian and Volunteer Achievement Awards Ceremony  

NEW YORK (March 18, 2015) – Five volunteers from Montefiore Health System were selected as honorees at United Hospital Fund’s 22nd Annual Hospital Auxilian and Volunteer Achievement Awards ceremony on March 13. Montefiore’s volunteers were among 84 volunteers and auxilians recognized for providing exceptional service to 60 hospitals or hospital divisions throughout the greater New York metropolitan area.

Montefiore’s honored volunteers were nominated by hospital staff members and selected by United Hospital Fund from among thousands of hospital volunteers in New York City. The honorees have an unwavering dedication to helping others and have made a difference for the hospital and its patients.

The honorees who volunteer in the Montefiore Health System are:

  • Winifred Burch (Montefiore New Rochelle) helped maintain volunteer monthly hours and data for the volunteer department and assisted with special events. She gave more than 10,000 hours and seven years of volunteer service to New Rochelle.
  • Adhyr Clarke (Wakefield Campus) assists in the Engineering Department looking for facility deficiencies and other areas that require attention. For the last eight months, he has helped see that engineering-focused issues are addressed quickly.     
  • Alan Epstein (Moses Campus) has been helping people handle the stress, anxieties and challenges of providing care to a loved one at Montefiore’s Caregiver Support Center for more than 4 years; he helps with logistical issues and offers a hand to hold. 
  • Cynthia Jones (Weiler Campus) has been a volunteer in the Lubin Rehabilitation facility for over 2 years. Cynthia assists at the nursing station and visits with patients as well as their families to offer support.  
  • Andrea Pacheco (The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore) is a Child Life volunteer who helps organize playroom and bedside activities for the children. Andrea has been volunteering at Montefiore for more than 3 years.

“We are grateful for the compassion and important contributions of our volunteers and we are delighted that United Hospital Fund has recognized them for their dedication to serving others,” said Sherri Oustalet, director, Volunteer and Student Services, Montefiore Medical Center. “Montefiore is committed to providing exceptional care, and we are proud to have an extraordinary team of volunteers donate their services to our hospital and patients.”

United Hospital Fund is a non-profit organization shaping positive change in healthcare for New Yorkers. The organization supports programs that promote high-quality, patient-centered health care services that are accessible to all. For more information about UHF, visit: