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Urology Research

The Department of Urology at Montefiore advances the treatment of urological disease with a wide spectrum of groundbreaking basic, translational and clinical studies.

Our physician/scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine serve as principal investigators on studies aimed at enhancing physiological molecular and biochemical techniques to better understand urological pathologies.

The primary focus of our basic scientific research is on benign urological conditions, although we are currently expanding urological cancer investigations and areas that include:

  • Cellular Biology, Physiology and Pharmacology of Benign Urogenital Pathology
  • Intracellular, Intercellular and Purinergic signaling
  • Diabetic Cystopathy and the Effect of Diabetes on Erectile Function
  • Role of Potassium Channels in Urogenital Function
  • Role of Gap Junction Channels, Pannexin Channels and Purinergic Receptors in Urogenital Function
  • Development of Gene Therapy Vectors and Nanoparticles for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Overactive Bladder (OAB)
  • The Role of Opiorphins in Erectile Function
  • Sickle Cell Disease and Priapism
  • Urogenital Dysfunction in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injuries 
  • Interstitial Cystitis and Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome 
  • The Mechanisms contributing to Bladder Dysfunction in Diabetes and other Pathological Conditions, with Particular Emphasis on the Role played by Gap Junction Channels, Pannexin Channels and Purigenic Signaling

We are committed to becoming one of the nation’s top centers for translational research in urology by pioneering new mechanisms that address a host of urogenital disorders, including erectile dysfunction and overactive bladder.  

As part of our mission to invigorate dialogue between our investigators and clinicians, Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers work closely with Montefiore urologists and urological surgeons, as well as physicians and scientists from the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology & Women's Health Services.  In addition, our laboratory team regularly joins the clinical team at Departmental Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs and other educational forums, including numerous basic science group discussions.  

We are excited about the level of research members of the Department of Urology at Montefiore are spearheading. We invite you to learn more about how collaboration fuels innovation and discovery, our pioneering treatments for erectile dysfunction and overactive bladder and our studies on cancer and state of the art surgical options.