Living Kidney Donors
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Living Kidney Donors

pediatric nephrology patient

Donating a kidney, especially to a loved one can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. For many individuals it is the closest thing to a miracle that anyone will ever experience. The bond that is formed between kidney donors and recipients is lifelong and everlasting. Laparoscopic surgery makes donating a kidney easier. However, it is quite normal when considering this process, to experience some initial anxiety and reluctance.

This handbook, including frequently asked questions, is designed to ease your anxiety and increase your understanding of living kidney donation. The information provided will assist you and your family in making one of life’s best possible choices.

Complete the Montefiore Medical Center Transplant Program Living Donor Evaluation Form.

Completa el Montefiore Medical Center Programa de Trasplantes de donante vivo formulario de evaluación.