Stroke & COVID-19

Stroke & COVID-19

As our experience with patients who have contracted COVID-19 has evolved, a connection between the virus and stroke has emerged. Those who are diagnosed with COVID-19 that have a stroke can exhibit uncommon symptoms associated with strokes. They are also more likely to experience severe outcomes from strokes. It’s essential for those diagnosed with COVID-19 to understand how to identify a stroke and to seek medical attention immediately.

Stroke Symptoms & COVID-19

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 how do you know if you are having a stroke? Dr. Charles Esenwa, Medical Director at Montefiore's Comprehensive Center for Stroke Care, shares the symptoms of a COVID-19-related stroke and what to do.

David Altschul, MD, is Director of Neurovascular Surgery and Co-Director of the Montefiore Comprehensive Stroke Center.
Allan Brook, MD, is the Co-Director of the Montefiore Comprehensive Stroke Center and Director of Montefiore’s Neurointerventional Radiology program.

Stroke and COVID-19 – racing to find connections and manage risks

Many viruses are known to be associated with a higher risk of stroke. The link between COVID-19 and stroke is now an important research area at Montefiore-Einstein’s Center for Comprehensive Stroke Care and other institutions around the country. Inpatient data gathered during the first six weeks of the pandemic paints an extraordinary picture.

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Stroke Recovery & COVID-19

What is the recovery process for patients who have experienced COVID-19 related strokes? Montefiore’s Dr. Charles Esenwa, Medical Director at the Comprehensive Center for Stroke Care, describes how Montefiore treats the unique challenges of COVID-19-related strokes with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best possible chance for long-term recovery.