Salary & Benefits
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Salary & Benefits


PGY1: $58,900.00
PGY2: $60,900.00
PGY3: $65,700.00
PGY4: $68,000.00
Chief Resident Differential: $4,000

Meals and Uniforms 

House officers receive allowance for meals at $15.75 a day for six days weekly.
White coats are provided. Scrubs are not routinely provided.


House officers receive 4 weeks of vacation each year.


  1. Malpractice
    Malpractice insurance coverage is provided by Montefiore Medical Center.
  2. Medical
    A flexible Employee Choice Program gives you the opportunity to tailor benefits to your needs as well as those of your family. Includes hospitalization, surgical, major medical and prescription drugs. There are two plan options plus a selection of 5 HMOs or waive coverage.
  3. Dental
    There are three plan options from which to choose, including orthodontia in two plans and a dental maintenance organization.
  4. Employee Life Insurance
    Basic Life = 1x base pay (cap $250,000) or a flat $50,000. Supplemental Life = 7 options with coverage ranging from 1x base pay to 7x base pay (cap $750,000).
  5. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Basic AD&D = 1x base pay (cap $250,000). Supplemental AD&D = 7 options with coverage ranging from 1x base pay to 7x base pay (cap $750,000). Matching employee life insurance benefit to a maximum of 2 x pay or $100,000.
  6. Dependent Life Insurance
    There are two options - $10,000/$5,000 or $20,000/$10,000 - or waive coverage.

Long-Term Care 

Various options offering daily benefits for nursing home care and adult day care.

Optical Plan and Hearing Aid Program 

After 1 year of service.

Sick Leave 

Short-Term Disability: 2/3 of annual salary up to $1,300 per week.
Long-Term Disability: 60% of annual salary up to $2,000 per month to age 70 or five years, whichever is less. 

Reimbursement Account 

Health care and dependent care reimbursement account.

Voluntary Annuity (PVA) 

Participation in this voluntary tax-deferred annuity program through salary reduction allows you to defer a portion of your pre-tax earnings. Taxes are deferred until withdrawal. Default to 3% deduction if not elected or waived.

Educational Stipend 

House officers receive a $500/year stipend for educational purposes.

Conference Stipend 

House officers receive a $500/year stipend for presenting their scholarly work at national conferences.


The majority of house officers live within walking distance of the hospital.  A limited number of apartments are available near the Moses Campus; application information will be sent to incoming interns after the Match.  Discounted parking at the Wakefield Garage is also available.