Patient Stories

Meet Tiffany Rodriguez

When multiple surgeries failed to remove the brain tumor that caused 26-year old Tiffany Rodriguez to suffer from seizures, she turned to Montefiore.

A team of renowned surgeons and specialists with our Departments of Neurological Surgery and Neurology set to work, determining that the tumor was dangerously close to the areas of the brain that controlled Tiffany's speech.

With this in mind, the team opted for an Awake Craniotomy—a delicate surgical procedure that would allow Tiffany to remain awake at some point so the team could test her language function during the two-hour operation.

Today, Tiffany is happy, healthy and on her way to living all of her dreams.

Watch the video below to see a portion of this truly remarkable procedure, meet the team of doctors who performed it and see how Tiffany is doing post-surgery.