Diabetes Month Events at Montefiore

American Diabetes Month Events at Montefiore-Einstein

When it comes to fighting diabetes, information might be our most powerful tool. Diabetes continues to grow throughout the world but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped. Montefiore-Einstein is proud to work alongside the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness and reduce the prevalence of this chronic and often deadly disease.

During November, American Diabetes Month, Montefiore-Einstein Clinical Diabetes Center will provide a series of free diabetes lectures and events. Please view our event calendar to find the educational opportunities that work for you. It’s your chance to RECONNECT with the effort to increase diabetes awareness.

Photo taken from Montefiore’s 2019 Diabetes Symposium

1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds Diabetes/Workout/Yoga Library


  • Understanding Diabetes
  • Controlling Diabetes
  • Nutrition and Diabetes
  • Resistance Band/Yoga/Pilates/Total Body Workout for all experience levels


Enter the 2021 Comfort Eating Coloring Contest!

We appreciate everything that our Montefiore associates do and know that self-care in all forms is of the utmost importance. Let’s give imagery a try. Conjure up an image of a food that you have an emotional attachment to or gives you comfort, such as a food from your culture or a childhood memory. Why do we think that we have to “stop emotional eating,” or the act of eating to soothe or distract from the current emotion we may be feeling? Food IS emotional. It is our history, our culture, our family; it’s how we connect. The nutritional value is irrelevant. Let’s destigmatize emotional eating with this positive and uplifting self-care experience.

How to Participate:

We challenge you to create a black and white drawing of the food(s) that you now have in mind and enter our 2021 Comfort Eating Coloring Contest. Spend some time at home to make your artwork, or visit one of our art making stations at any of our Caregiver Support Centers across our main campuses to work on your drawing.

A coloring book will be created featuring the 12 winning drawings and each corresponding artist. All winners will receive a printed copy of the coloring book. The coloring book will also be disseminated across Montefiore Health System.

How to Submit:

You can submit your artwork in-person at one of our Caregiver Support Centers or you can send it to us via email (ToYourHealth@montefiore.org) in a JPEG format. Please submit your drawing anytime between November 1 and November 22. Don’t forget to include a description (50-word limit).

Winners Revealed:

On November 30, we will host a virtual event at 12:00pm titled “Comfort Eating Conversation,” where we will have a coloring book reveal and will learn more from the winners about the food stories that inspired their artwork. We will also engage in uplifting conversations with our To Your Health! dietitian and art therapist about comfort eating. Attendees will be the first to receive a printed copy of the coloring book.

Events Calendar

2021 CHAM Virtual Diabetes Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We encourage you to complete our Halloween scavenger hunt questionnaire. Don’t forget to drop-off the finished form at the Suzanne Pincus Family Learning Place (CHAM) anytime during November along with your Halloween candy in order to receive your prize!

Download our Family Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
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