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Education and Research

The program is committed to provide excellent didactic and clinical education. Our attending physicians are highly skilled and deeply committed to resident teaching. Each faculty member is assigned as a mentor to one or two residents. This system provides every resident instruction and guidance throughout the residency not only focusing on patient care, but also on overall career development.

The comprehensive core curriculum occurs in a two-year repeating format. The core lecture series is entirely faculty taught and provides four hours of didactic instruction weekly, combined with web-based tutorials that are completed at the resident's convenience. The weekly one-hour grand rounds are an integral part of the core curriculum. Supplemental didactic sessions also take place on a regular basis at each rotation site.

The clinical curriculum provides progressive education and responsibility in the practice of physiatry and is guided by specific educational objectives.

Outside courses are provided in prosthetics and orthotics. Every year there is prosection course in spine and limb anatomy which takes place at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In specific instances arrangements are made for supplemental education. Residents are encouraged to attend various academic activities.

Participation in research is required of all residents, with full support of the faculty who mentor the resident throughout design and implementation. Medical school-based faculty provide assistance with research design and biostatistics. A faculty mentor is assigned to each resident at the time of enrollment. Among the mentor's responsibilities is oversight of the resident's research activity.