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Radiology Programs and Service

Montefiore's Department of Radiology offers a range of diagnostic options in a patient-friendly environment. Our team of specialized radiologists diagnose and treat a range of conditions of all organ systems, including breast, musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiothoracic, abdominal and vascular injury and disease.

We use the most advanced technology available for:

State-of-the-Art Technology for Quick, Comfortable and More Precise Diagnostics

With 11 MRI units, including wide-bore scanners to improve patient comfort, 12 CT scanners, and new extremity MRIs—small imaging machines used in Orthopedics in which a patient can place an arm or leg while comfortably seated in a chair—we deliver quality imaging services on state-of-the-art equipment.

Our patients benefit from a better imaging experience. In addition, our new MRI suites have been specifically designed to create a more relaxing environment, using ambient lighting, softer tones and sky lighting when possible.

A Comprehensive, Safe and Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Your Care

All our doctors, specialists and experts understand the diseases and conditions associated with each subspecialty and tailor patient exams accordingly. We make radiation safety a primary concern, our patients rest assured that they can receive the treatment  needed in an environment focused on limiting their exposure to any harmful side-effects.

Have questions? We have multiple outpatient imaging sites for your convenience. Please feel free to find a location near you or contact us for additional information or questions.

Call 866-MMC-XRAY (866-662-9729) to schedule an outpatient appointment.

Patients are encouraged to visit for valuable information about various imaging tests and procedures performed by radiologists.