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Testimonials from Prior Fellows

Senayet Agonafer, MD.  Lenox Hill Radiology
Graduation Year: 2017

“The unique design of the Body Imaging fellowship program at Montefiore prepared me for both high diagnostic quality and volume, two vital components in a private practice setting. The body’s division frequent consultations with the surgical and medical teams allow fellows to participate in a multi-disciplinary care team with a focus on reporting that caters to clinical provider’s needs. Additionally, participating in attending call gives fellow a significant head start in both productivity and quality of reporting when starting a new job. I highly recommend the Body Imaging Fellowship program at Montefiore Medical Center.”

Sofiya Greenberg, MD, Private Practice
Graduation Year: 2016

“My fellowship was a wonderful experience that enabled me to read a wide variety of body and pelvic cases with confidence. I tremendously enjoyed the multitude of interventional procedures and the collegiate environment that promoted learning. The program had great flexibility and allowed me to incorporate the subspecialty rotations according to the needs of the job I was starting after fellowship.”

Mansi Saraiya, MD, University Radiology Group (Jersey City Medical Center)
Graduation Year: 2016

“I will be forever grateful for the top-notch training that Montefiore provides its fellows and residents.  All of the attendings are truly passionate and dedicated about teaching the future generation of radiologists.  The hands-on experience I received at Monte has given me the confidence and foundation needed to not only survive but thrive in radiology life after training.”

Harisha Kommana, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology, Queens Hospital 
Graduation Year: 2014

“The fellowship at Montefiore helped me gain experience in body/pelvic MRI including prostate MRI and female pelvis. I did variety of body procedures. I saw a great spectrum of routine bread and butter cases and complex post treatment cases of liver disease and other oncology cases. Last, but not the least: I loved working with awesome, knowledgeable and friendly faculty.”

Viktoriya Paroder, MD, PhD, Assistant Attending, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center
Graduation Year: 2013

“I had an opportunity to learn from exceptional body imagers while being exposed to a wide variety of pathology reading high volume CT, MRI and US.  This fellowship has fully prepared me to function on my own and continue along my chosen career path in academic radiology.”

R. Joshua Dym, MD, Associate Professor and Section Chief, Emergency & Trauma Radiology, University Hospital/Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Graduation Year: 2011

“The abdominal imaging faculty set a great example of how to balance high-quality clinical work, teaching and research, and encouraged me to continue in academics. Dr. Chernyak allowed me to take the lead in conducting a research project and authoring the paper which was a valuable educational experience. The structure of the fellowship allowed me flexibility to focus on my areas of clinical interest.”

Dipti Pandya, MD, University Radiology Group; Clinical Instructor, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Graduation Year: 2011

“I did a Breast/Body combined fellowship at Montefiore (6 months of each). I loved the fellowship experience and am so grateful for the lifelong skills I obtained there.  After the fellowship, I felt extremely comfortable joining a private practice environment and reading a wide variety of imaging modalities. The volume of cases and variety of cases/pathology at Montefiore as well as the in depth, personalized teaching received by the body attendings is very unique to the fellowship and ensures that the fellows are highly prepared for the real world. The training I received has given me the skills to read cases with confidence and speed. The fellowship environment was nurturing and friendly, but also fostered independence. Highly recommended!”