Substance Abuse Treatment Program
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Substance Abuse Treatment Program

The Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Montefiore Medical Center consists of two methadone treatment programs, Unit I and Unit III, and an outpatient drug free program called New Directions Recovery Center.

Unit I and Unit III

The methadone treatment program has been in existence for over 35 years and offers a "one-stop shopping" model of care. In addition to substance abuse treatment, Units I and III offer primary care services and HIV specialty care, as well as mental health, nutritional, and vocational services, all onsite. The two clinics are conveniently located and the hours are flexible to accommodate most schedules. To make a referral, please contact the clinic directly.


Unit I
3550 Jerome Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467


Unit III
2058 Jerome Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

Medicating Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7 am-1 pm


Medicating Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7 am-6:30 pm
Saturday, 8 am-1 pm


New Directions Recovery Center

New Directions Recovery Center (aka New Directions) is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program that provides a wide range of supportive services to individuals aged 18 and older who are struggling with active substance use or who are at high risk for relapse.  Our dedicated staff of counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and medical providers work together closely to assist individuals to gain the skills they need to lead productive and drug/alcohol free lives.  New Directions offers group and individual counseling, onsite psychological and psychiatric services as well as buprenorphine (Suboxone®) treatment for opioid dependence. We also provide intensive outpatient treatment, services in Spanish, and onsite vocational and nutritional counseling.  In addition to our wide range of treatment groups, specialized support groups are available for men, women, Spanish-speakers and those in need of anger management.

New Directions operates during the day and late afternoon to accommodate work and school schedules.  We are conveniently located near the Burnside stop on the 4 train and near stops for the Bx40, Bx42 and Bx32 buses. 

Walk-in intakes are welcome Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm.  Intakes can also be scheduled by calling (917) 564-8780.

New Directions Recovery Center
2058 Jerome Avenue, Third Floor
Bronx, NY 10453
(917) 564-8780