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Function for All–A New Model for Treatment

Any provider would agree that a patient with Cerebral Palsy has different clinical needs than a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. However, because of the disabilities resulting from their conditions, both individuals require a high level of specialized care.

Enter FUNCTION, Montefiore’s Collaborative Program for Chronic Disabilities. FUNCTION was born out of the belief that the optimal management of individuals with disabilities depends upon the coordination of care provided by a group of highly trained and dedicated specialists. 

FUNCTION’s mission is to provide a consolidated evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment to children and adults with disabilities that result from such conditions as Spina Bifida, Traumatic and Nontraumatic Injury to the Nervous System, Stroke, Obstetrical Brachial Palsy, and of course Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis. These services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists skilled in the management of chronic disabilities. This team will educate its patients and their families about their disabilities, provide coordinated interventions so as to minimize or eliminate their disabilities impact on daily function, and advocate for these children and adults so that they can lead meaningful and full lives as contributing members of their communities.

"Our knowledge and experience with neuromuscular disabilities means we have an expertise in managing disabilities which can result from a broad range of conditions." – Rick Abbott, MD

FUNCTION provides its services from one consolidated location, the new Montefiore’s Hutchinson Campus at Hutchinson Metro Center, immediately west of the Hutchinson River Parkway and south of Pelham Parkway.

FUNCTION’s Program Specialists Include: