Navigator Program
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Navigator Program

A diagnosis of cancer is generally very stressful and the subsequent tests, examinations and visits can be overwhelming. At the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care we make it as easy as possible to navigate the complex process of cancer treatment. By offering our newly implemented Navigator Program, our patients do not have to manage their treatment alone.

A nurse practitioner, or Navigator, is assigned to assist each patient undergoing cancer treatment. Right from the start, when a referral comes in from a patient's physician, the case is passed on to a Nurse Navigator. The patient may be referred for a biopsy, may need to see a surgeon or require radiation oncology. Each clinical program at the Cancer Center has a nurse practitioner in charge of organizing these diverse procedures. The Nurse Navigator facilitates the multidisciplinary team approach at Montefiore.

Participating at every step in the patient's pathway of care, and serving as a concise source of information, the Nurse Navigator becomes the patient's liaison, easing much of their anxiety. They provide answers on the next steps, the scheduling of appointments and all follow up visits, ensuring continuity of care and consistent communications. The same Nurse Navigator follows up throughout treatment and provides constant support in many ways.

Nurse Navigators at Montefiore:

  • Navigate and guide patients throughout their treatment program
  • Coordinate and facilitate patient information and patient care
  • Arrange appointments and inform the patient ahead of each visit
  • Present information to the multidisciplinary team prior to patient visits
  • Identify patients who are candidates for clinical trials and studies
  • Insure everyone is talking and communicating about the patient