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Montefiore Insider - Issue 3 - January 2017


Separate but together: formerly conjoined twins Jadon and Anias Mcdonald move on to the next chapter of recovery

The twins will spend months receiving specialized rehabilitation care but will continue to see Montefiore doctors who separated them. “Jadon and Anias continue to surprise us every day,” says Dr. Goodrich. Learn More.

Recap: News & Events

Nyack Hospital Breaks Ground On $22M Expansion

It is Nyack Hospital’s first major capital project since joining the Montefiore Health System in 2014. The project will:
  • Add a 16,300 square foot two-story addition to the existing hospital
  • Double the emergency department size to 26,000 square feet and include a separate urgent care facility, larger trauma bays, an imaging suite, and rapid assessment area
  • Create a medical village to house a 7,800-square-foot outpatient service center, primary and specialty care providers, as well as community based support services
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Montefiore is Ranked Among the Best Hospitals for Surgical Patient Care Nationwide

The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program has recognized the Department of Surgery at Montefiore as one of 60 participating hospitals to achieve the College’s distinction of meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care nationwide. “Our rigorous attention to detail and supremely talented surgeons continue to deliver excellent patient care,” says Robert E. Michler, MD.
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Read: Did You Know?

7 Ways Sleep Affects The Brain (And What Happens If It Doesn't Get Enough)

Michael Thorpy, MD, Director, Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, Montefiore discusses how sleep, or the lack of adequate quality sleep, affects our bodies and minds. “The sleep-wake cycle has an important impact on all organ systems,” says Dr. Thorpy. “We can’t minimize the fact that the sleep-wake pattern has effects on the whole body, not just the brain." Learn More.