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Montefiore in the News

April 6, 2005

Grant Will Explore Possible Effects of Complex Nutritional Labeling on Obesity

NEW YORK CITY, NY  (April 6, 2005) -- Pediatricians at Montefiore Medical Center have been awarded a two-year, $150,000 grant by Pfizer to study how language used in labeling on food packaging may impact obesity in an inner-city community.

“Most information is provided in needlessly complex terminology,” said Iman Sharif, MD, the study team leader at Montefiore. “Food labels, in particular, are especially difficult to understand and are often misleading for the individual who is trying to eat healthy foods.”

“The challenge of adhering to a healthy diet is disproportionately difficult in our community, where healthy foods are often more expensive, or simply not available,” Dr. Sharif said. “Through this grant from Pfizer, we will provide participants with the tools they need to decode complex nutritional labeling with the hope that this will lead to healthier food choices for families in our community.”

 “Pfizer cares about the needs of patients and the communities in which they live,” said Tom Griffin, vice president of sales, Upjohn Division, Pfizer.  “We are determined to make a difference in supporting disease prevention programs to address the rapidly growing, preventable, epidemic of childhood obesity.”

Physicians at Montefiore’s Comprehensive Health Care Center (CHCC) in the South Bronx will determine the effect of “plain talk” on study participants by measuring any changes in a patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) after one year.

“Health literacy and obesity are major issues in the Bronx and on a national level,” said Spencer Foreman, MD, president, Montefiore Medical Center. “We know that poor literacy is a factor in the emergence of this health crisis, and we will know even more after the first year of this important study.”

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