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Montefiore in the News

May 19, 2017

New York, NY (May 19, 2017) – Montefiore’s Office of Community and Population Health kicked off a new awards program today, honoring corporations who are taking the lead in improving community health.  The first ever Corporate Excellence Award for Partnership in Health goes to Walgreens/Duane Reade and Jetro Cash & Carry for their efforts. The award recognizes business partners who are actively supporting Montefiore’s work to make communities healthier.   

“We are excited to celebrate Walgreens/Duane Reade and Jetro Cash & Carry,” said Amanda Parsons, M.D., M.B.A., vice president, Community & Population Health. “These organizations are role models for how for-profit entities can achieve their business mission while partnering with healthcare institutions to contribute to the health and wellness of the borough.” 

Last year, Montefiore’s Office of Community and Population Health partnered with Jetro Cash & Carry to help bodega owners provide healthy and affordable food options for community residents, many of whom have restrictive diets because of diabetes, hypertension and/or obesity.

Walgreen’s/Duane Reade worked with the Office of Community & Population Health to organize community flu drives and educational seminars in areas with the greatest need. This resulted in reaching thousands of residents in areas with lower vaccination rates and delivering more than 700 vaccines to this high-risk population.

In both cases, these organizations helped Montefiore implement data-driven programs that achieved measurable results for the health of the community.

Montefiore’s Corporate Excellence Award for Partnership in Health will be given on an annual basis to companies committed to partnering with Montefiore Health System on community health education and programming initiatives.