Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve dates and space for Montefiore Einstein Center for Innovation in Simulation (MECIS)?

Reservations for the use of MECIS can be made through our website using our activity planner. You will only be required to complete this task once per new curriculum request:

To schedule future courses please submit your requested date, times and curriculum title to  Please notify MECIS of any changes in your learning objective or curriculum 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.

Does MECIS have a catalog of cases to pick from?

Laerdal Medical’s Simstore and SimCore (MECIS’ scheduling and tracking program) have preexisting cases you can review and select from.  Laerdal Medical’s Simstore ( offers cases at different price ranges and some free of charge.  Simcore, ( host cases are developed from educators within the Montefiore Health System and multiple external institutions based on Simcore’s client list. Please email to gain access to both sites.

If we would like to use additional cases, how far in advance do we need to provide them?

Please send them to 2-4 weeks in advance of your program depending on the complexity of your case.

Is there a recommended template I should use to submit my cases to MECIS?

Yes, it can be accessed on MECIS’s website:

Where can I access the pre-existing cases to see if any are relevant that we would want to use?

Please send a request to for log in information, navigation and system support.

Do we provide our own cases in advance so the manikins can be prepared? 

Yes, you are required to submit your cases in advance for room set up.

Do we run the manikins or is there MECIS staff who runs the manikins?

The Simulation Coordinator will be available to assist with the running of the manikin, however, it is recommended that the Simulation Coordinator remains available to offer technical support if needed throughout your course. It is recommended that the course facilitators learn how to operate the manikin as well in order for the session to be as effective as possible. The manikin software program is very simple and easy to maneuver. Once you learn the program, you will also be able to operate other manikins- 3G, Essential, SimMom, SimNewbie, etc.  The training sessions only requires approximately 1.5 - 2 hours of your time.

A number of departments found it useful to have the medical students involved.  They are trained on how to run and manage the manikins and collect data during each session if needed.

Does the manikin software training session cost anything? When do you offer these training sessions?  Could multiple providers come to the training session?

There is no cost for the software training sessions. This is an open curriculum to anyone who would like to attend.  Course are kept small, (4-6 people) in order to maximize hands-on time.  Links to online training content are sent in advance, so the time spent in the center is more of a review. The training session runs 1.5 - 2 hours. Training sessions are scheduled on demand.

Can manikins be used in a simulation for scenarios such as intubation, IV access, IO, chest tubes?

We will need review specifics regarding some scenarios, including IV access and chest tubes base on your requirements, but the answer is yes to all of the above.

Can the sessions be videotaped?

We currently are not equipped with a recording system. As an alternative we record to iPads and then upload the video to a Dropbox or One Drive for access.

Is there a room available that we can use for a debrief after the session?

Yes, we have one debriefing room for each of our simulation areas.

How far in advance do we typically need to book?

For preexisting curriculum

We would recommend scheduling 3 - 4 months in advance for an end of May - August training request.  All other times a minimum of 2 weeks is recommended.

For newly developed curriculum

We would recommend scheduling 3 - 4 months in advance for an end of May - August training request.  All other times a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks is recommended, based on the complexity of your curriculum. This is to allow MECIS the time to secure items or work on programing details MECIS may not have readily available.