Montefiore Einstein Center for Innovation in Simulation

Montefiore and Albert Einstein College of Medicine have leveraged their longstanding partnership to create one of the most advanced medical training simulation centers in the world. The Montefiore Einstein Center for Innovation in Simulation (MECIS) features sophisticated, state-of-the-art simulation technologies that are on the cutting edge of medical education and research. MECIS, a dynamic, multi-disciplinary training environment strengthens learning and training procedures for healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers, ultimately leading to improved patient safety and reduced medical errors.

Working closely with The Montefiore Learning Network, MECIS is establishing standards with the utilization of TeamSTEPPSs as the foundation to educate, promote patient safety and implement systematic change throughout our campuses aligned with Montefiore Medical Health Systems current and future mission, vision and values.  

Established partnerships and commitments between the Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein School of Medicine highlight Montefiore’s commitment to providing robust educational resources.  Our goal is to create a patient safety platform in an environment that builds and reinforces the TeamSTEPPs principles, leadership, comminution, situational monitoring, and mutual support.

MECIS uses highly advanced simulation technology – including life-size low[1], mid[2] to high[3] fidelity mannequins alongside virtual reality technology(haptic devices)[4] – to mimic clinical events in a way that is not possible with standardized patients[5] or other training tools. Simulation technology uses computer programming that replicates real-life situations for hands-on inter-professional and multi- institutional team training preparing teams and individuals to effectively manage critical scenarios, manage skill decay, develop new skills or procedures, improvement of team communication or testing competencies all in efforts reduce medical errors while promoting patient safety.  

In addition to the primary location, MECIS staff will also operate training sites across the Montefiore Einstein network and healthcare system.

 [1] Low-Fidelity Manikin(Task Trainers) - clinical task trainer capable of a small number of specific tasks or procedures, such as an IV-arm or a CPR manikin

 [2] Mid-Fidelity Manikin - usually a full-body simulated patient but with minimal computer components

 [3] High-Fidelity Manikin - incorporates the latest in computer hardware technology, is commonly wireless and can be programmed to provide for a very realistic full-body patient presentation.

 [4] Virtual Reality- provides three-dimensional navigations, force feedback integrating a since of touch

 [5] Standardize Patient (SP) a person recruited and trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient

MECIS Bootcamp