iOS Devices

EMM User Guide

I.       Container Folder

MaaS360 stores all corporate emails, documents, contacts, applications, data, etc. separate from personal content. This content is kept in a secure and encrypted container folder on your device.

To access this container, simply press on the MaaS360 icon.

This will open the container folder and all corporate utilities will become available to the user. Any red indications on the top right inform the user that there are new items.

Within the red indicators are the numbers of new items that are available.

Depending on the device enrollment policy, the applications may vary from user to user. The basic MaaS360 components are:

  • Secure Email
  • Secure Browser
  • Secure Contacts
  • Secure Calendar
  • Secure Document Sharing

Note: MaaS360 Secure Editor is also a component that fully integrated and accessible to Mail and Documents in Android. It is a separate component in iOS.

II.    Settings

Tap on the Settings icon  to get to the container and application settings. The UI for the settings will differ between the OS the device is running on but most of the functions will remain the same. However, Android allows for user control than iOS.

Under Settings for iOS devices, the user will see the following options:

  • Pin
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
  • Gateway
  • Restart from
  • Logs

Pin: Montefiore does not require a PIN, but you can set a PIN in order to access MaaS360. It is recommended that this setting does not get enabled.

Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks: Contains all settings for the user’s mail, contacts, calendar, tasks.

From here you can create you email signature, set the time limit on sync processes, download settings, etc.

Note: It is recommended that the Days to Sync settings are all set to 1 month. This allows users to view emails and calendar events that are one month old.

To change the notification settings, scroll down to the Notifications section. To turn on/off email notifications, tap on New Mail and there are three options: All, Favorites, and None. The user can choose when they would like to receive notifications from these three (3) options.



Users will next need to go to the device settings. Tap on the Settings icon > Notifications > MaaS360.


Gateway: Access point for entering corporate networks.

Restart from: Users can specify what they will see when the access the MaaS360 container.

Log: Turns on/off Verbose logging.  This generates a lot more information than normal logging.

III.  Device

Tap on the  icon to view information about your device. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button named Email Logs. The user can send event logs of the MaaS360 application on their device which may be requested by an administrator when troubleshooting.

IV.  Messages

Tap on the  icon to view messages that were sent from your administrator to your device.

V.    MaaS360 Secure Email, Contacts, and Calendar

MaaS360 Secure Email protects all the content of your corporate email, contacts, and calendar.

Note: Due to Montefiore policy, users cannot copy/paste content out of the container, but users will be able to copy/paste content into the folder.

A.     Secure Email

To access the secure email folder, tap on the email  icon. Your inbox of all the emails dating back to your sync settings will appear.

The Inbox will show all your emails with a small number on the right side indicating the number of emails within that specific thread.

Pressing on one of the emails will open up the newest email in the thread.

Swiping an email to the left will open up more options:

  1. Brings the user back to the container homepage.
  2. Allows user to select multiple email threads.
  3. Allows user to search for a specific email thread.
  4. The number of emails in the email thread.
  5. Sets a reminder for the selected email.
  6. Flags the email.
  7. Marks the email as Unread or read.
  8. Moves the email to a different mailbox.
  9. Deletes the email thread.
  10. Opens up the users different mailboxes
  11. Opens up a new email for the user.

When viewing an email, there are multiple options for the user to select:

  1. Back arrow to go back to the email list.
  2. The number of emails in the thread OR the number of emails in the user’s inbox (if only a single email message).
  3. Navigates through the different emails in the thread OR different email threads (if only a single email message).
  4. Flags the email.
  5. Move the email to a different mailbox.
  6. Delete the email.
  7. Reply to the email.
  8. Write a new email.


There are also multiple options to choose from when the user is writing a new email:

  1. Cancels the email
  2. Sends the email
  3. Assigns email security: cannot be forwarded, cannot be copied, cannot be modified
  4. Sets email urgency
  5. Attaches documents to emails


B.      Calendar (iOS)

To access the user’s Contacts list, tap on the Calendar icon. There are three different views that a user can choose for their calendar: List, Day, and Month.

  • List shows all the calendar events in one list in ascending order with the oldest event showing up at the top.
  • Day shows all the calendar events on the current day.
  • Month show a calendar with all days having an event indicated with a small dot on the day. Below at the events for the current date.

Similar to email functionality, users can swipe a specific Calendar event to show more options.

  1. Brings user back to the MaaS360 home screen
  2. Select the view of the Calendar
  3. Create a new Calendar event.
  4. Marks event as occurrence or series
  5. Cancels the Calendar event.
  6. Accepts the Calendar event.
  7. Creates an email replying to the inviter that the user will be 5, 10, or 15 minutes late.
  8. Sends a reply email to the inviter.
  9. Automatically navigates to the current date.
  10. Shows the user’s different calendars.
  11. Shows new calendar events that were not accepted or declined.

C.      Contacts (iOS)

Tap on the Contacts  icons to open up the user’s Contacts list. Similar to email and Calendar, a user can swipe to the left to revel more options.

  1. Brings the user back to the home screen
  2. Adds a new contact
  3. Opens up options to allow user to show/hide different contact folders and sort filters.
  4. Calls the contact.
  5. Emails the contact.
  6. Adds the contact to Favorites.

VI.  MaaS360 Secure Browser

MaaS360 Secure Browser allows users to access the corporate intranet sites and networks without requiring a VPN.

To access the browser, tap on the icon . If it is the first time using the browser, you will need to enter in your corporate AD credentials. The Montefiore intranet homepage ( will be the default homepage for all users.

 Listed below are the functions and features of the MaaS360 Secure Browser:

  1. Opens up the tabs window if a user has multiple tabs running
  2. Opens up the settings menu
  3. Adds current webpage to favorites bookmark
  4. Creates a new tab
  5. Goes to the user’s homepage
  6. Opens up the user’s favorites/bookmarks selection
  7. Opens up the user’s history
  8. Opens up the browser settings
  9. Scans a QR code using the camera