iOS Devices

Maas360 Migration Process for iOS

**Before beginning this process, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest operating system and that your device be fully charged**

Please note that depending on your specific OS, Model and Brand of Phone - the steps outlined below may vary.

Prerequisite Requirements

Enroll in EMM on iOS

  • Authenticate to Maas360
    • Open Safari
    • In the URL field, enter and tap Go on the keyboard
    • Enter your network Username and Password in their respective fields
    • Select Personal if your iOS device is owned solely by you or Corporate if the iOS device was provided to you through Montefiore
    • Tap Continue
  • Agree to Maas360 Terms & Install Apps
    • Tap Continue to acknowledge the enrollment process
    • Tap the "I have read and accept the terms" radio button to satisfy the Step 1: Accept Terms category, then tap Continue
    • Tap the "I have read and accept the terms" radio button to satisfy the Step 2: Accept Usage Policy category, then tap Continue
    • Tap Continue for to Download & Install Profile
    • Tap Install
    • Enter your device's passcode (if prompted)
    • Tap Install
    • Tap Install again
    • Tap Trust
    • Tap Done
    • Tap Install, Install and Install
    • Tap the Home button and you will see that 4 new apps have installed on your iOS device: App Catalog, Maas360, Editor and Browser
  • Authenticate to Maas360
    • Open the newly installed Maas360 app
    • Select OK for '"Maas360" Would Like to Send You Notifications"
    • Select Allow for 'Allow "Maas360" to access your location even when you are not using the app?"
    • You will now be able to access the core elements of your Montefiore account through the Maas360 app
      • Email, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Editor, Settings, Device, Browser and Messages
  • Users with more than one device may notice "Ghost" icons (see picture on the right) on the devices that have not yet downloaded the EMM application. If you encounter this, you can either download the application on that device or delete the icon as you would delete any other application on your device.