Inspired - Winter 2012
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Inspired - Winter 2012

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How can small ideas have a big effect? That topic is explored in our third issue of Inspired, a quarterly publication for all Montefiore associates that provides an in-depth look at what is happening across our growing and dynamic organization. This issue's theme focues on innovation and impact, and delves into how Montefiore became recognized as a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization, how we earned a prestigious neurosciences grant, and how we're developing our legacy of philanthropy. Flip through the online version of Inspired, and be sure to check back for the latest issue, as well as new videos and other updates.

We want to hear from you! Email and tell us what you find inspirational about working at Montefiore. Your stories could appear in an upcoming issue of Inspired

Hitting Our Stride on the Montefiore Mile

What's the best way to kick start your heart? Exercise! Montefiore associates recently gathered to kick off American Heart Month with the annual "Montefiore Mile." Watch the video and see how your colleagues took matters to heart.