Important Hospital Numbers
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For Professionals

Important Hospital Numbers

House Staff Office

Moses Campus (Main office) 
150 East 210th Street 
Bronx, NY 1467 
3rd Floor (4th doorbell)
Phone: 718-920-2341 
Fax: 718-920-8403

Wakefield Campus    
600 East 233rd Street
Bronx, NY 10466
Phone: 718-920-9226
Fax: 718-920-6802

VP for Graduate Medical Education
Catherine Skae, MD
Phone: 718-741-2460

Executive Director
Elaine Taylor
Phone: 718-920-4092

Associate Director
Justice Gaba
Phone: 718-920-4093

Manager/Housestaff & Alumni Association
Amy Moda
Phone: 718-920-4806

Manager/ Senior Data Analyst
Melissa Lam
Phone: 718-920-2947

Data Analyst
Jennifer Burke
Phone: 718-920-2340

Program Manager
Jessica Berrios
Phone: 718-920-2625

Program Supervisor
Cynthia Lajud
Phone: 718-920-2341

Program Assistant, Wakefield Campus
Peter Maggio
Phone: 718-920-9226


Phone: 914-349- 8531

Phone: 718-920-6345
Primary and Recertification
3331 Stueben Avenue
Please call for a schedule.

Human Resources
Phone: 914-349-8570
Yonkers, NY

Occupational Health Services (OHS) - Employee Physical
Phone: 718-920-5406
Fax: 718-920-2435
57 East Gunhill Road
Please call for an appointment.

Phone: 718-378-6400
Yonkers, NY

Parking Garage
Phone: 718-920-5691

Main Office located on Rochambeau Ave.
For personal prescriptions:
Phone: 718-920-4934

Phone: 718-920-6131
3324 Rochambeau Avenue, 2nd Floor

Identification Card
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Hours 8:30 am-noon and 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
If identification card is lost, there is a $25 fee to replace your card.

Service Request
For any issues with Carecast, EPF, PACS or Groupwise:
Phone: 718-920-4554