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Montefiore in the News

January 1, 2021

This week, Farai Chideya spends more time with the sparkling roster of Our Body Politic contributors. Errin Haines of the 19th predicts the most important political stories of 2021 for women of color. Mutale Nkonde of AI for the People shares her secrets to envisioning success. Psychologist Dr. Ryan DeLapp offers advice to parents about having conversations on race and resilience with their children. Newsy reporter Casey Mendoza reflects on the successes and failures of 2020 in entertainment. Forbes reporter Ruth Umoh looks back on how the year impacted Black women.


3:27 Errin Haines reflects on 2020 and predicts what could happen politically in 2021.

7:39 Haines says Black women were key figures in politics in 2020: “as crucial part of the electorate, you definitely saw Black women flexing their power in 2020.”

14:18 Mutale Nkonde of AI for the People takes listeners back to being inspired by Oprah 20 years ago, and how those practices helped her work towards her future.

15:42 Nkonde describes how she envisions and reaches the goals she sets for herself professionally.

17:54 Nkonde talks about Dr. Timnit Gebru’s studies on racism within facial recognition technology. 

24:50 Dr. Ryan DeLapp, an attending psychologist at Montefiore health system in the Bronx, explains the mental health impact Covid is having on children.

26:56 Dr. Delapp says reorganizing routines will be important as things continue to change with the pandemic.

29:23 Dr. DeLapp explains that having a conversation with children about race should start from a place of pride.

32:30 Casey Mendoza gives updates on the major gains and losses in entertainment in 2020.

25:45 One group that has emerged with the pandemic is the National Independent Venue Association or NIVA, a lobbying group for venues across the country.

37:28 Mendoza offers a glimmer of hope for the upcoming year.

38:52 Ruth Umoh recaps the financial ramifications of 2020 for Black women and all women of color.

39:52 Umoh discusses why she thinks Black women should invest more in the stock market, especially since it’s been fruitful during the pandemic.

44:34 Reflecting and looking towards the New Year with the Our Body Politic team.