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Telehealth Program

Our Telehealth Program is for Montefiore Home Care patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and/or diabetes. This program is designed to help patients monitor and manage their disease independently, reduce emergency room visits and avoid hospital readmissions.

The Telehealth device is a small machine, which connects to your phone. The device can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, peak flow and oxygen levels on a daily basis. It will also ask "yes" and "no" questions related to symptoms. The device is available in English, Spanish and Braille.

Patients' daily health information is automatically and securely sent over the telephone line, and reaches our Telehealth nurse in less than 30 seconds. The health data is reviewed and patients are contacted if there is an alert. Telehealth also alerts your physician should you require a change in medication or in the treatment plan.

With Telehealth monitoring, our patients learn how to manage their health and to better understand their disease all within the comforts of their own home.