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The power of technology

Dr. Matthew Bartels spends much of his working day exploring new methods to help reduce pain. "A person's experience of pain is affected not just by neurological pain generators," he says, "but also by emotional and psychological factors. Studies show that distracting a patient with other stimuli - for example, through virtual reality - can help block certain pain receptors in the brain." Dr. Bartels recognized this research as an innovative tool for patient care. He partnered with Dr. Yuxi Chen, his colleague at Montefiore Einstein, on researching young cerebral palsy patients who receive botulinum toxin (Botox) treatments to help improve muscle function. Administering the treatments, which can involve up to 20 shots, is distressing for everyone involved. "In the past, we often had to sedate these young patients - a complex, expensive procedure with accompanying side effects. We've found that using a virtual reality headset, which exposes children to pleasent images, really helps distract them."

Less pain - and less cost

Dr. Bartels and his team conducted their initial research using both a high-end virtual reality headset and an inexpensive Google Cardboard head mount. To their surprise, the patients preferred the Google option. "The Cardboard headset, which connects to a cell phone, only costs a few dollars," he says. "As a result, we can also make the technology available to parents who may need to administer treatments at home. And since the technology replaces expensive, invasive procedures, we're able to reduce the stress associated with administering the injections at a fraction of the cost."

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