The Fund for Montefiore Einstein

"When people power people, the results are extraordinary."

The power of collaboration

For Dr. Daphne Hsu, learning about the lives of her patients and their families is one of the most rewarding aspects of her profession. "Working as a doctor in a diverse community connects you to people from different traditions, neighborhoods, and backgrounds," she says. "We don't just discuss treatments with our patients; we hear their life stories."

Empowering excellence

Dr. Hsu's pride in CHAM is borne out by the hospital's consistent high rankings. "Our programs in pediatrics gastroenterology, neurology, and nephrology have all received national and international honors," she says. "When people ask what I do, I often describe myself as a clinical outcomes researcher - and we have some of the best outcomes in the country."

The Fund for Montefiore Einstein makes compassionate care happen.

Montefiore Einstein's commitment to benefit humanity extends across every dimension of our comprehensive service offering - from scientific research and community-based health initiatives to innovative models of education. Your contribution to The Fund for Montefiore Einstein plays an essential role in helping us embody excellence, serve our community, and foster the thousands of human connections that students, faculty, and staff members like Dr. Hsu make with patients and caregivers each day.

By giving today, you power a better tomorrow.

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Dr. Daphne Hsu has dedicated her career to helping children overcome significant health challenges so they can go on to live full and fulfilling lives. Who in your life has powered you? Make a donation in that person's honor, and we'll let him or her know about your generosity.