The Fund for Montefiore Einstein

Brianna’s Story

As a mother, it was the most terrifying moment of my life. My daughter Brianna collapsed to the floor – lifeless. Her lips turned blue and I knew her heart had stopped. I thought I was going to lose her forever. This moment of absolute panic turned into the most gratifying experience of my life, thanks to the wonderful cardiologists at Montefiore. Through several emergency surgeries, they kept Brianna alive. Then, finally, after performing a remarkable heart transplant, the doctors at Montefiore gave my daughter a new future filled with hope and opportunity. I can’t say enough about the amazing care my daughter received at Montefiore. When you or one of your loved ones needs extraordinary medical care, this is the place to go. Please support Montefiore Einstein with a donation today. Your gift will help them continue to save lives like Brianna’s.


(Brianna's Mother)

About The Fund for Montefiore Einstein

The Fund for Montefiore Einstein was created to help meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s modern healthcare needs. Every year, the Fund for Montefiore Einstein provides crucial ongoing support for our programs in patient care, medical education, and scientific research. Donations to the Fund for Montefiore Einstein are unrestricted, allowing Montefiore Einstein the flexibility to provide funding to those programs and areas that need it most. Your generous annual support ensures that we have the funding available to take advantage of current healthcare breakthroughs and the rapid changes taking place in medicine today.