Get Your Flu Vaccine Today. Your Shot Counts.

Flu Vaccine Locations

More than 2,000 Bronx residents were admitted to Montefiore's hospitals with the flu last year. This year, Montefiore is expanding its collaboration with Walgreens and Duane Reade to make the best tool against flu, the vaccine, more accessible than ever.

Walgreens and Duane Reade pharmacists will administer flu shots at no cost to the community. Flu clinics are scheduled in October and November, with the goal of vaccinating more than 500 Bronx residents this season.

When you protect yourself with the flu vaccine, you also protect your family and your community—your shot counts.

Flu Vaccine Locations

Find a flu vaccine clinic near you.

1446 Burke Avenue, Bronx, New York 10469

Sunday, October 12
10:30am to 1pm

RAIN Eastchester
1446 Burke Avenue
Bronx, New York 10469

990 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, New York 10704

Saturday October 15
2pm to 5pm

Aisling Irish Community Center
990 McLean Avenue
Yonkers, New York 10704

5625 Arlington Avenue, Bronx New York 10471

Thursday, October 27
10am to 1pm

Riverdale YMCA
5625 Arlington Avenue
Bronx New York 10471

1510 Adee Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10469

Sunday, November 20
11:30am to 1:30pm

Holy Rosary Church
1510 Adee Avenue
Bronx, New York, 10469

Center 990 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, New York 10704
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