Perioperative Management Course and Fellowship
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Perioperative Management Course and Fellowship

THE GOAL:  To formally train Board-eligible, Board-certified ANESTHESIOLOGISTS and SURGEONS in the field of operating room/perioperative management.

OBJECTIVES:  Efficient delivery of high quality care in a contemporary operating room setting requires the coordinated effort of each and every member of the OR team. Unfortunately crucial clinical and administrative decisions regarding patient care are often made by surgeons and anesthesiologists separately creating a disjointed plan with unnecessary conflicts, which negatively reflects on quality of care, personnel/patients satisfaction and outcome.

The aim of the program is to provide Fellows with advanced knowledge in the areas of Behavioral management,  Team building, Problem solving and Conflict resolution, OR Policy and Procedure making, Scheduling process, Material and Resource management, Business development/Marketing, Billing/Compliance, QA/QI and Legal aspects of OR management.  This knowledge will prepare them for a leadership role in the operating rooms of the future.

Our trainees will develop a leadership skills, administrative judgment and the professional interpersonal communication skills required in the field of Operating Room and Perioperative management.  They will have an opportunity to learn and practically apply a new approach to management and team building through proper utilization of operations management methodologies and cross-specialty training.


The program will be delivered in three separate stages:

Initial – for CA-1 Anesthesiology and PGY1-2 surgical residents, focusing primarily on 

  1. Team building, Leadership,  Problem solving/conflict resolution skills
  2. General O.R management planning

Advanced – for CA 2-3 Anesthesiology and PGY-3 surgical residents, with the focus on

  1. General O.R management planning
  2. O.R efficiency
  3. Operations Management methodologies – application to O.R management
  4. Basics of scheduling process
  5. QA/QI
  6. O.R policies and procedures
  7. Legal aspects of O.R management


The Fellowship will take place in the Department of Anesthesiology Montefiore Medical Center and affiliated Hospitals.

This is a two year fellowship, the first year will be spent as a perioperative management fellow, the second year as a junior attending. During the 2 year period the fellow will be enrolled in the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University in the Executive MBA Program and will earn an MBA at the end of the two year period.