Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are we moving to Enterprise Mobility Management System (EMM)?
    • Montefiore is moving to EMM to further secure all patient and corporate information on all mobile devices
  2. Who needs to enroll in EMM?
    • Anyone at the following Montefiore Medical Center locations: Moses, CHAM, Weiler, Wakefield, HUTCH, MAP, Westchester Square, MMP Complex, Tarrytown, Yonkers Office Park, New Rochelle Hospital, Mount Vernon Hospital, Schaffer Extended Care Center, Remote Sites, MIT, Epic and CMO
    • Other affiliates and the College of Medicine to be addressed in subsequent phases
  3. How soon will I be required to download EMM?
    • Everyone will need to enroll by April 22nd to continue to have email access
  4. Which devices are supported by EMM?
    • Corporate and personal devices
    • We support iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices
    • EMM does NOT apply to Laptops and PCs
  5. How do I enroll my device?
    • Existing and new devices can enroll and download the EMM application at
  6. Can I register more than one device?
    • Yes, you can register multiple devices
  7. Do I have to install and enroll EMM?
    • No. However, if you do not enroll in EMM you will no longer be able to access your Montefiore patient and corporate information on your mobile device
    • If you do not enroll and install the EMM application, you will be unable to access your corporate email and calendar through any other application
  8. Will a password be required to access my phone with EMM?
    • Yes, a complex password with the following attributes:
      • Minimum 8 characters and requires at least 1 digit and 1 special character
      • Your password needs to be changed every 90 days
      • For password resets please call the Service Desk at 718-920-4554
  9. How many tries do I get to enter my password correctly?
    • You have 9 attempts
    • Your device will be wiped after 10 failed attempts
    • Recommend you contact the Service Desk at 718-920-4554 after the 5th failed attempt
  10. What will be different on my mobile device after I enroll in EMM?
    • Your Montefiore email, secure browser and calendar will need to be accessed through the Montefiore EMM application on your mobile device
  11. Can my finger print still unlock my device after EMM is installed?
    • Yes, as long as your device is equipped with fingerprint technology
  12. Will I get a warning before my password expires?
    • No there is no warning prior to your password expiring; you will be prompted to change your password as soon as it expires
  13. Does EMM allow the organization to view/read my text messages or email messages?
    • No, this type of data continues to stay private and is not captured or monitored
  14. Does the use of EMM allow real time tracking of the devices location?
    • Yes, because it facilitates us locating your device if it lost or stolen
    • If we cannot locate the device, it will be wiped
  15. With EMM, can calls made on the mobile device be logged, recorded or listened to?
    • No
  16. What happens when I leave the organization?
    • Your corporate device needs to be returned to your manager
    • Personal devices will be un-enrolled from EMM through the de-provisioning process
    • Personal Windows mobile phones will require a call to the Service Desk at 718-920-4554 in order to remove EMM from the phone
  17. If I lose my mobile device, will the device be wiped?
    • Yes, you should ensure your device is backed up consistently in order to avoid losing the content on your device
    • You must contact the Service Desk at 718-920-4554 if your device is lost or stolen
  18. How do I back up my device with EMM?
    • You will continue to be responsible for backing up your corporate and personal device
  19. After enrolling in EMM, can I store Montefiore patient and corporate information on my mobile device(s)?
    • No, Montefiore policy prohibits storing patient and corporate information on any device
  20. How do I get additional assistance with EMM?
    • You can contact the Service Desk at 718-920-4554