Einstein Committee on Graduate Medical Education (COGME)
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Einstein Committee on Graduate Medical Education (COGME)

COGME was established in 1989 as an open forum for all medical program directors, department chairs, department administrators and others interested in GME. It functions as an activity of the Dean's Office. Residents nominated by peers in their programs participate as full COGME members. The Committee meets monthly (except summer).

  • COGME conducts mid-cycle internal reviews of residency training programs
  • COGME reviews reports of internal and RRC reviews
  • COGME ensures implementation of remedial actions as required
  • COGME monitors institutional agreements
  • COGME establishes and monitors program policies required by ACGME:

- COGME reviews proposed changes in residency programs

- COGME assures the educational appropriateness of program design

- COGME assures that programs are in compliance with their discipline requirements

- COGME membership

- COGME schedule

- Educational seminars

- Policies

- Program Directors Competency Handbook