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Synapses | Montefiore Neurological Surgery News August 2015



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> A Note From the Chairman

> Innovative 3D Models Used
to Correct Childhood Skull

> MISTIE Intracerebral
Hemorrhage Trial



A Note From the Chairman

I am pleased to introduce you to our newsletter for the Clinical Neurosciences at Montefiore. Each month, these updates will highlight our novel approach to patient care that is made possible by the ongoing and proactive collaboration between the Departments of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Radiology.


  Which of the following about
pediatric brainstem gliomas



Innovative 3D Models Used to Correct Childhood Skull Deformities

Over the past several decades, surgeons have employed many different surgical procedures to correct the cosmetic deformities associated with craniosynostosis. While they all involve the removal of parts of the skull in order to reorganize and replace the bones into a more ideal shape, newer methods use advanced technology to help physicians achieve better results.

MISTIE Trial Yields Promising Results for Intracerebral Hemorrhage Treatment

Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is the only major stroke subtype without a clearly effective treatment. ICH occurs in over 100,000 Americans yearly. MISTIE is a series of clinical trials where neurosurgeons and neurologists, from a number of medical centers, including several here at Montefiore, are trying to remove blood clots from the brain using a thrombolytic (MISTIE II and MISTIE III) through a catheter placed with 3D navigation.



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