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Diseases and Conditions

The nationally-recognized, board certified doctors with our Department of Urology diagnose and treat patients with the full spectrum of Urological disorders—from kidney stones and voiding problems to issues with sexual function, infertility and complex conditions—like cancer.

Our team approach to diagnosis and treatment are designed to ensure that you receive care that is comprehensive, seamless, coordinated and focused on your individual needs. Collaboration between Montefiore physicians and specialists is at the heart of our all that we do.

Difficulty with Urination

Voiding Problems
Both men and women experience difficulty urinating at different times in their lives. Women experience this problem when they become sexually active, during or after childbirth and as they age. Men also experience difficulty urinating, particularly as they age. Some of the difficulties patients experience are the result of trouble with the bladder, an organ that stores urine before a person urinates. In older men, enlargement of the prostate can cause blockage which results in decreased urine flow and the feeling of note being able to empty the bladder.

Both men and women can experience leakage of urine and this is called urinary incontinence. For women, this problem often occurs after childbirth and may be correctable by medication or specialized surgical procedures. Men often experience leakage if that bladder does not empty well. This is often though not always the result of an enlarged prostate gland.


Problems with Sexual Function and Fertility

Male Sexual Problems
Problems getting or maintaining an erection are common as men age. Although the reasons vary somewhat from individual, it is not unusual for men with Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease to suffer from erectile problems. While exercise and diet can improve overall health, there are specific medical and surgical treatments available for men who have difficulty with sexual performance.

Female Sexual Problems
Women also suffer from problems of sexual dysfunction including loss of interest in sex and pain during intercourse. These problems are also treatable. Many of the treatments available for female sexual problems are medical and do not require surgical procedures.

Problems Having Children
Approximately 40% of couples facing problems with getting pregnant will face the fact that infertility is also a male problem. Hormonal as well as other conditions can contribute to male infertility, and many causes of male infertility can be successfully treated either by medicine, surgery or a combination of therapies.


Urinary Tract Stones

Kidney Stones
Stones form in the kidneys and the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that many people don’t drink enough fluid during the day. Some people are born with a tendency to form stones because of the way their bodies process certain foods. Although there are many different types of kidney stones, most can be treated using medical therapies combines with minimally invasive procedures that rely on tiny scopes and lasers.


Adrenal Cancer
This is a rare kind of cancer that occurs in both men and women. The adrenal gland is located on top of the kidney and can be removed using minimally invasive surgical techniques like the Davinci robot. Adrenal cancer removal is one of the special surgical procedures offered by our urologists.

Bladder Cancer
Bladder cancer affects three times as many men as women. Bladder tumors occur in two basic forms: non-invasive and invasive. As the names suggest, non-invasive tumors are generally not life-threatening but can cause problems as they grow due to bleeding and blockage of the urinary system. Invasive cancers are dangerous and can spread. For this reason, invasive tumors are often treated using a combination of therapies like chemotherapy and surgery or radiation.

Kidney Cancer
Kidney cancer occurs in about 25,000 Americans every year. Most kidney cancers are now found by accident when patients get CT scans or other x-rays for unrelated reasons. Most of the tumors are small and some can even be observed. Other tumors can be removed using minimally invasive surgery or treated with special forms of energy designed to destroy the tumor while preserving the surrounding normal kidney tissue.

Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is a common disease of men but doctors’ views on how to treat prostate cancer and who should be treated have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Although some patients benefit from surgical removal of or  radiation therapy to the prostate gland, some patients benefit from less invasive therapies while other patients, depending on their age and other health concerns may not require treatment at all. Our doctors specialize in discussing all of the available options for patients with a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Testis Cancer
Cancer of the testicle is a very rare disease in the United States affecting fewer than 7500 men annually. However, testis cancer is the most common cancer of men between the ages of 20-40 years. Testis cancer is curable in more than 97% of men diagnosed with this disease. Correct diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment are the keys to a successful outcome for patients with this problem.

Penile Cancer
Cancer of the penis starts in the skin of this organ. Although this is a rare cancer in the United States, it is a common problem in some countries in Latin America.  Treatment involves surgery as well as chemotherapy in some cases.

Urological Problems in Children

Children with birth defects involving the urinary tract may have multiple challenges, some of which can be overcome with the help of urologic surgeons. Problems associated with structural issues related to the development of the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder or the urethra are all addressed by urologists specializing in the care of children.