Collaboration Fuels Innovation and Discovery
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Collaboration Fuels Innovation and Discovery

Working closely with clinicians, the laboratory team with the Department of Urology at Montefiore have identified several urogenital diseases that require more basic research to not only further our understanding of underlying pathophysiological mechanisms but, most importantly, to identify novel molecular mediators that can be potentially targeted to develop innovative therapeutic approaches.

This type of ongoing collaboration benefits the introduction of new medications and other diagnostic and treatment protocols in several ways. We are currently focused on ways to:

  • Identify currently unmet needs in clinical urology.
  • Provide patient-approved access to samples.
  • Enhance our investigators’ ability to actively mentor and teach residents, fellows and post-doctoral candidates, as well as assist with grant writing.
  • Maintain our impressive record of extramural funding.

These studies have led to over 50 publications in the past five years from the basic research faculty and to several National Institutes of Health-funded grants and grant proposals for research in lower urinary tract complications that develop in association with diabetes and neurological diseases.