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Letter from the President and CEO Steven M. Safyer, MD


September 9, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I am proud and pleased to report that both Montefiore and Einstein have opened a new chapter in our more than 50-year partnership. Today Montefiore assumes operational authority and responsibility for Albert Einstein College of Medicine. With the closing of this agreement, Albert Einstein College of Medicine will join Montefiore Medicine—the new umbrella organization for Montefiore Health System and the Medical School. Einstein will seek to become degree granting on its own, and until then, Yeshiva University will continue to grant the degrees.

This step positions us to fulfill our key 2009 strategic goals. At that time we set out to build centers of excellence that would excel in science, clinical care and education of the clinicians of tomorrow. Our vision was that “1 + 1 = 5,” highlighting that the partnership between these two exceptional institutions would be able to create synergies never before tapped by co-branding, co-managing and co-recruiting.

With the success of our Montefiore-Einstein Notable Centers of Excellence, we have set the bar high. As we begin our new chapter, there is no limit to what we can achieve as we attract the very best students, scientists, clinicians and teams of the future.

Despite the fact that Einstein and Montefiore have different roots, they both share the same values and a deep commitment to social justice. Albert Einstein lent his name to a new school based on the urging of Dr. Harry Zimmerman, a world renowned Neuropathologist at Montefiore who was well known for his dedication to human rights. Albert Einstein gave his name to the medical school because it was to be a school that “will welcome students of all creeds and races.” Montefiore and Einstein have never waivered from this collective commitment to equality and opportunity for all.

Steven M. Safyer, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steven M. Safyer, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Montefiore Medicine


Steven M. Safyer, MD

President and CEO
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, New York 10467