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Caregiver Support Program
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Caregiver Support Program

Some 46 million people in the United States, a majority of whom are women, provide unpaid care to a loved one. As the first medical center in New York City to offer families a Caregiver Support Center, we see how this role can take both an emotional and physical toll.

Through its experienced staff and resources, the Caregiver Support Centers, located at our Moses, Einstein and Wakefield campuses, provide caregivers with emotional support and practical assistance or just a quiet, private place to relax while their loved one is in the hospital.

Watch our video to learn about the services provided by the Montefiore Caregiver Support Program

In both locations, a team of exceptional staff is trained to support caregivers' needs, from listening to their concerns to offering assistance in navigating online resources within the center, as well as connecting the caregiver to wider resources within both the hospital as well as the community. Our multidisciplinary team includes: the director of volunteer and student services, the director of information and referral, nurse managers, social workers, volunteers and staff members throughout the medical center.

Volunteers are available to help caregivers handle the stress, anxieties and challenges of managing a loved one's healthcare. Although volunteers cannot provide medical advice, our staff is trained to provide individualized support, under the supervision of a social worker.


Have questions? We invite you to contact us to learn more about the services provided at our centers.

"You all brought peace in the midst of the storm." - Daughter of a sick, elderly patient at Montefiore

 "The Caregiver Support Center is an oasis in a desert of crowded, stress-filled waiting rooms. I have never had such a pleasant experience in a hospital and on one of the most stressful days of my life." - Son of a patient in the Surgery Unit

"The staff here at the Caregiver Support Center has helped me so much that mere words are not enough to describe what it means to me. I would still be devastated if it was not for the angels here at the Caregiver Support Center at Montefiore." - Son of a severely ill patient at Montefiore

"I never would have thought that one of the darkest days of our lives could also have joy, laughter and companionship. Thanks to the Caregiver Support Center at Montefiore." - Family member of a transplant patient

"I wandered the hospital in a daze — until I found the Caregiver Support Center. There, I discovered that Montefiore also has angels outside the operating room. The incredible group of volunteers held me together. Their warmth, kindness, resources and care got my daughter and me through the most difficult time we have ever had to endure. They continue to be there for us, and we cannot begin to convey our appreciation and thanks for everything they do." - Wife of a heart surgery patient