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Christine A. Walsh, MD

Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Christine Walsh, is a leading expert in pediatric abnormal heart rhythms, syncope (fainting), chest pain and children's heart disease. A founding member and Co-Director of The Montefiore/Einstein Center for CardioGenetics, Dr. Walsh helps evaluate, genetically screen and treat families dealing with the tragedy of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome (SUDS).

"The sudden unexpected death of an infant, child or adolescent is always a tragedy, made more so because, in most cases, no medical reason or cause is identified," says Dr. Walsh. "After burying a child, grieving parents are left to wonder whether one or more of their surviving children are destined to meet the same fate. By offering early diagnoses and prompt treatment of at-risk members, and by offering counseling, education and emotional support, our Center is helping these families by giving them back control over their lives."

Director of CHAM's Outpatient Pediatric Dysrhythmia Center, Dr. Walsh performs exacting noninvasive electrophysiological studies-including exercise stress testing, Holter monitoring, trans-telephonic monitoring and tilt table testing-that reveal important information about your child's heart rhythms and electrical activities.

Dr. Walsh customizes medical therapies and advises on interventional procedures to provide your child with the most effective, least invasive arrhythmia treatments.

Honored repeatedly as one of New York Magazine's Best Doctors, Dr. Walsh is also included in American Health Magazine's "Best Doctors in America" and Castle Connolly's Guides to "The Best Doctors in the New York Metro Area" and "America's Top Doctors."

As a National Institute of Health Post-Doctoral Research Trainee in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pharmacology, Dr. Walsh researched and published studies of antitachycardia devices, pediatric dysrhythmias, syncope and rheumatic fever. Her current research includes explorations of Long QT syndrome-a genetically inherited arrhythmic disorder associated with SIDS and SUDS-and studies of new cardiac drug therapies.

After more than a quarter century in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Walsh remains enthusiastic about working with children with heart disease. "When you're a pediatrician, you influence a child's life until they're 85," says Dr. Walsh. "I like that-and I also like seeing the changes that have come over my field in 30 years. Today children with heart disease survive into adulthood. We are discovering what goes wrong at a molecular level and applying that knowledge at a clinical level. It's more exciting -because we know more and can do more."
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